Excavations during landscaping come in handy when you are trying to start afresh.

This could mean that you want new structures like a patio or a pool in place to make up your landscape or that you want to start the planting process from scratch. Whatever your intentions to carry out an excavation, you can be sure that we have the right tools to use and also that we have teams made up of professionals who have undergone several training processes. Your comfort and satisfaction are what we are always on the lookout for on every job.

Residential Landscaping

Are you looking to touch up your backyard? Do you want to give your property a new look? Well, you probably should try out excavation. One benefit you stand to gain from excavating your property is that it offers a fresh start and gives you the freedom to add several new features that can go a long way in improving the market value of your property. With excavation, you can add a pool to your property, a patio, an outdoor eating area, and many others. You can also decide to experiment with new plants and start a garden, remember, with anyone you choose, we can help you bring your dream to life.

Commercial Landscaping

Apart from hotels and maybe a multi-family commercial building, landscaping on commercial properties is quite mellow when compared with residential ones. This is because the main goal is to maintain an official setting or atmosphere. This doesn’t mean the surrounding land has to be boring. You can also switch things up a little by planting flowers around the property. Excavation and starting afresh have a lot of benefits and this is why it is recommended for people who want something different. If you are uncertain about what to do about your space, we can always provide suggestions.

Site inspection

This is a very important part of our work process. After contact is made, we schedule a visitation to determine what exactly your property needs, keeping in mind the vision you have for space. We assign a professional who is incredibly knowledgeable about landscaping and together with the client, plans for excavation are made. We try to build a relationship with our clients and carry them along through every step because this way, we can be sure that we are satisfying the customer and putting their visionfor their space first. Our job is to provide opinions from a professional point of view.

How long does Landscaping take?

The entire process is a major determinant of the size of the property, the vision, or plans of the owner for the land and its current state. A new structure like a pool would consume a lot of time when compared to just leveling the land for a fresh start. However, at Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we have a lot of technical know-how on our team and experienced labor. This considerably helps to reduce the time we spend on a project. The goal is always to provide fast, efficient, and structurally stable services. You can reach us on any of the means listed on our website and get started with your property today!

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