Driveways are the link between the main road and a building and for them to be functional in a space, they have to be constructed on an even floor or have an even foundation.

A driveway that is lopsided and bumpy apart from not being able to perform its intended function is not aesthetically pleasing. We at Ferris Excavation Gold Coast offer driveway excavation services so whether you are on the verge of construction a new driveway for your commercial, residential or industrial building or you want to upgrade an old one, we are always here.

Driveway Excavation

A driveway that is not stable i.e. one that is not built on a structurally stable foundation would eventually fail. As a property owner, you have to make sure that any company you are contracting important jobs like this to is capable of delivering; both aesthetically, functionally and most importantly, structurally. At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we offer fool-roof, durable, and structurally sound services, and hiring us would go a long way in ensuring that you have a structurally sound driveway at the end. We are always available to work, have the technical and practical knowledge on what to do and we are just one call away!

What it costs

Our job as an excavation company is to make sure that the ground that the material for the driveway would be laid on is balanced so our job centers around excavating, removing, and getting rid of the excavated materials gathered during driveway construction. You can request a price quote on our website but what it would cost would depend on factors like how accessible the driveway was, they type of equipment used, challenges encountered during the excavation (if any), and many others. You should know however that we care about our clients and are always willing to work with their budget.

Materials that can be used for driveways

Three different types of materials can be used for driveways and they are Concrete, Asphalt, and Paver. Part of our work involves preparing the space for the driveway installation, and as such, we work in line with your preferred material so that the finished product is something that is functional and structurally sound and there is balance. Our professionals are very versatile and they know exactly what to do based on the material to be used. They have undergone proper training and know what to do in the case that any of the three materials are to be used for the driveway construction.

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We are always available to meet any excavation driveway needs you might have; we possess the right equipment to handle any job you might have for us and are willing to put in the work anytime. We can be contacted via the phone number, email, contact form, social media handles all of which are properly outlined on our website. Our customer care representatives are always polite, friendly and at Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we are very particular about providing a long-lasting and efficient service to our customers and make sure that in the end, they are satisfied with what they are getting from us.

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