Drainages are very important as they help to dispose of wastewater but if the drainage systems are not properly installed or planned, they can fail and cause flooding on the property.

This is why it is crucial to plan the drainage systems properly from the beginning stages. In the case that you either want to lay your drainage system or the system has failed, and you require professionals to help you with that, our team at Ferris Excavation Gold Coast has both the knowledge, tools, and experience to carry out a satisfactory job. A trial with us is all the convincing you would need.

Why a functional drainage system is important?

A functional drainage system is important as without them, a house can get flooded or waterlogged over time which can result in molds growing (this can cause health issues long term) and even can cause failure in the foundation of the building. Building materials like concrete, wood have adverse effects on exposure to water over time. Concrete for example becomes brittle and starts to crack, the wood starts to rot and become more prone to pest infestations. Contracting this kind of job out to professionals requires a lot of time as one has to make sure that they can properly execute it.

When do you need drainage excavation?

Drainage excavations are used during the construction process to lay drainage systems or re-install them as the case may be. Excavations are also needed when the existing drainage systems have failed and the water that is supposed to be in the pipes is now leaking, coming to the surface, and posing damage to the property. When this happens, excavations have to be done so that the problem can be isolated and dealt with before things get worse. If the problem cannot be fixed, the entire drainage system would have to be replaced. This is the last resort however and as professionals, we would try to find all possible solutions before we resort to that.

What we put into consideration during the excavation

At every point of the excavation, safety is our major priority and this is why we always pay more attention to it. We first visit the site and analyze the point of damage and figure out a way to solve the problem. This can range from burst pipes to clogged pipes, and many others. After analyzing the extent of the damage that has been done, we proffer a solution keeping in mind the financial capacity of the client. For new construction, we work with the drainage system plans available to ascertain where exactly we would excavate on the property.

What to take note of

Enlisting the services of professionals who already have a track record of efficient and professional services is important as any mistake made during the excavation problem can make things way worse than how they were in the beginning. At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we have professionals that can give a correct diagnosis as to what it is wrong and how best to deal with it. We have top of the line equipment that would enable us to carry out your drainage excavation in a satisfactory manner. From start to finish, we strive to be consistent and professional with the quality of the services that we provide.

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