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Excavation is a very crucial part of the construction process and it is carried out on both commercial and residential projects. It can be needed for many reasons ranging from new property development or expansion to clearing space on a piece of land, preparing the foundation for new construction, or even clearing snow after an intense snowstorm. Due to this important role it plays, it is always advisable to allow qualified professionals who have the right equipment to handle the job to take control of the project. This is why you should try out Ferris Excavation Gold Coast. We are situated in the Gold Coast, QLD area, and have managed to successfully make a name for ourselves in the area.

We have been in operation for quite a while and in this time, we have successfully catered to the excavation needs of the Gold Coast community. We have professionals that are fully immersed and dedicated to the mission of the company which is providing top of the line services to our customers with high-end equipment and machines. At Ferris Excavation, we pride ourselves on providing only the best possible services. We are a licensed and approved body and from time to time, we make it a point of duty to take stock of our services, performance, and delivery rates and improve on them where necessary. This allows us to always stay on top of any needs our clients might have and effectively deal with it.

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About Us

At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we are always more than willing to take on a new project and we derive our fulfillment in seeing a completed project that is entirely to the satisfaction of the customer.

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Address: 8 Smith Street, Southport, Queensland, Australia