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Welcome to Ferris Excavation Gold Coast

The home for all your excavation services. Here, we strive to provide only the best service, build a strong and reliable client base. Over the years, we have successfully serviced people in the Gold Coast region and we have been able to establish ourselves as a company that is focused on being professional and providing services to people. We have come a long way from where we were before and we are still planning on going further, offering our services, winning the trust and respect of our clients, and being on top of our game.


We are based in the Gold Coast area and we offer excavation services for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Apart from this, we also offer to hire services to technicians that might not have the right equipment to work with. We have a wide range of equipment like the 8 Tonne Excavator, the 1.5 Tonne Excavator, Bob-Cat Truck, the 4 in 1 bucket, and many others. You can trust that we are adequately prepared to handle any need that you might have. Our professionals also have adequate knowledge about how to operate the machines and how to analyze your property to determine its needs.

Our Services

We offer several excavation services ranging from site leveling to landscaping, Drainage excavations, tight access excavations. We strive to always be of service to our customers and provide adequate counsel before any excavation is done. We also work closely with the client all through the process to deliver a service that would be satisfactory and meet all the needs of our clients. Apart from this, we try to work with the budget of the client in a bid to ensure that our services are affordable. We have gotten many reviews from our clients in the Gold Coast area and we cannot wait to work with you!

What Our Clients Say

“I have wanted to transform my backyard for a long time now but I did not trust anyone to help me do it. I reached out to Ferris Excavation Gold Coast and they came to work on my backyard. They did a very good job and I am very impressed”

Jane, D.

“For a while now, I have been noticing water at the sides of my building and when I contacted Ferris Excavation Gold Coast and they checked it out, I was informed that it was most possibly caused by a leak in the drainage system. It was checked out and rectified and I was carried along from start to finish”

Paul, K.

“My driveway was previously constructed by another company and I noticed after some time that it was lopsided. I reached out to Ferris Excavation Gold Coast and they helped with excavating the old driveway and preparing it for a new one. I am satisfied with their service”

Finn, M.


Do you need a trench on your property? Are you starting new construction and need to plan out your foundation? At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we can help you dig trenches in preparation for foundation construction. From the start to finish, we carry you along through all the procedures, keeping in mind the vision you have for your property. We are always trying to get better with the services that we offer and in the long term, the aim is to make sure our clients are satisfied with the services that we provide, all the while, offering price that are affordable and in line with the budget of the client.

Site Levelling

Is your site mostly filled with hills or slopes, do you want it to be even? Do you need your site to be leveled? Do you want to improve the market value of your property? The best way to start a construction process is to make sure the ground is leveled as the foundation has to be on a leveled ground, this way, construction can begin without hitches. We have the equipment to use for our site leveling services to make sure that your site is properly leveled.

Tight Access

Tight Access excavations require special equipment as not every machine can fit into a small space. This is why we have a wide variety of small-sized equipment that we can use to access tight spaces. At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we have a lot of experience with tight access spaces and how to work around them. We also put up our equipment for hire at affordable and friendly prices. Get across to us today and let us help you.


Driveways are a much-needed component of a building and a driveway that is lopsided and bumpy would neither be functional nor structurally stable enough to perform its function. At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we offer driveway excavation services, so whether it is that you are installing a new driveway or repairing an old one, we have you covered. Our professionals are always available to give you advice as regards what to do to your driveways, when needed.


Are you looking to give your property a facelift? Do you want to beautify your property? One advantage of carrying out excavations on a property is that it makes it very versatile and easy to work with. It also improves the market value of a property in the case that you would be looking to sell later in the future. At Ferris Excavation, we want you to have the garden or backyard of your dreams and would work closely with you to achieve your vision.


​In a building, the function of a drainage system is to help drain water collected from the roof and other parts of the building to places where they would not cause structural damage to the structure or foundation of the building. We have the equipment needed to professionally carry out a drainage excavation for you. At Ferris Excavation, we properly analyze functional drainage systems and carry out excavation services at affordable and customer friendly prices.

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At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we are always available to work on your property. This is why we have our contact details on our website for your easy perusal. We can also provide price quotes online before taking on the project to give you an idea of what to expect from us. We also have a contact form on our website that can be filled out if you don’t want to use other contact methods.

About Us

At Ferris Excavation Gold Coast, we are always more than willing to take on a new project and we derive our fulfillment in seeing a completed project that is entirely to the satisfaction of the customer.

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